100% Scots Pine

100% Pin sylvestre All our products are made of Scots Pine from Poland.

Choosing this species is critical : it is the best guarantee you can get for the longevity of your outdoor treated wood products !

Commonly called Northern Redwood, Scots Pine is the perfect material for wood products that are going to be used in gardens. The exclusive selection of this species, in combination with mastering its impregnation in an autoclave, is the only way to prevent Softwood outdoor products from being attacked by insects, develop rot, or grow mould, due to the product’s exposure to wet weather conditions, and/or contact with the ground.

Only Scots Pine can be treated to the core, with complete the saturation of its sapwood. Other Softwood species, such as Fir for instance, can only be treated on the surface. Since the internal structures of Fir are refractory, it makes them incompatible with the impregnation process necessary to protect wood from water damages.

Left : Scots Pine impregnation | Right : Fir impregnation

Among the various sub-species of Pine, Scots Pine (and it’s red core) is naturally durable and is particularly appreciated since it is a Northern wood species, which has a slow growth.

Choose us, and choose the best quality for your outdoor wooden products, made of the best species.

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