Round Wood


Polish mills are the undisputed champions of the production of wooden products treated in autoclave. They are equipped with modern milling lines and offer a wide range of machine rounded poles, and stakes (with a smooth and regular surface). Lengths range up to 6m, and diameters between 5 and 24 cm.

Rondins fraisésMachine Rounded Poles present a smooth and regular surface. They are flat and chamfered at both ends.

Tuteurs & Piquets fraisésMachine Rounded Stakes present a smooth and regular surface. They have one pointed end, and one flat and chamfered end (Ø ? 16cm). The standard milling of stakes is 4 sides pointing. Upon request, “pencil pointing” is also available (Ø ? 10cm).

Production 07
4 sides pointed end

Production 08
Pencil pointed end

Demi-Rondins FraisésThe Machine Rounded Half Poles are Machine Rounded Poles that have been split in two. Consequently, one Pole = two Half Poles.

Production 09
One unit of Machine Rounded Half Pole

Rondins Plats FraisésThe Machine Rounded Flat Poles are Machine Rounded Poles (with a diameter greater than or equal to 12cm) that have been planed on two sides.

Gamme 04 bis

Bordures & TunagesPoles Borders are Machine Rounded Poles, Machine Rounded Stakes, or Machine Rounded Half Poles which have been cut to shorter lengths.

Clôtures et Bois RondsThe Round Posts Fencing are an assembly of Machine Rounded Poles fitting together. These fences are made of posts and handrails. The posts are drilled poles of different kinds :

Poteau de départ
Starting Post : drilled with 2 blind holes

Poteau intermédiaire
Intermediate Post : drilled with 2 crossing holes

Poteau d'angle
Corner Post : drilled with 2×2 blind holes forming an angle of 90 °

Tuteurs & Piquets PlanésVineyard Stakes are the only products in our range of Round Wood not to be Machine Rounded. They are just debarked. Therefore, their diameter is not regular, and their surface is not smooth. One of their ends is pointed, the other one is flat but not chamfered.

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