Sawmills of Poland

The majority of the outdoor treated wood products one can find on the market, either by the traditional timber wholesalers, or by the DIY chains, are coming from Poland. The Polish sawmills have specialized in this product category, because they are located in the heart of European Scots Pine forests. This species of wood is indeed the most fitted for the outdoor use of wooden products.

Range of Scots Pine (Wikipedia)

Buying Polish Lumber offers numerous advantages :

Firstly, the Polish mills are among the most competitive in Europe for the production of round wood and construction wood, especially when it comes to wood treatment. They have unparalleled know-how of the autoclave impregnation process.

Secondly, the Polish mills have a great asset which singularly distinguishes them from their competitors: they are flexible and can produce custom-made orders, fitting exactly with their customers’ needs. Clients may ask for special quality sorting, and select custom lengths specifications – buying only the lengths they are looking for !

The Polish mills with whom we work have a strong background and an extensive experience in the field of wood production and impregnation. They source their raw material exclusively from sustainably managed forests of Scots Pine, which are 100% FSC certified. They moreover follow the best practices of the lumber industry regarding the autoclave treatment, using efficient but non-toxic, safe products, respectful of the environment.

Le Comptoir Du Bois offers you a direct access to the best Polish sawmills. Deliveries are made by full trailer loads, coming straight from Poland.


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